ODIDS - (OutDoor Images Data Set) was created in the Institute of Computer Science, Romanian Academy – Iasi Branch, Romania. The images are intended for use in the scientific research, and have been used in image classification and retrieval experiments. The images are in JPEG format with the dimensions 516 x 387 x 24 BPP.

ODIDS contains over 5000 images, grouped into 43 categories most of these categories are well-known locations from our town Iasi (as e.g.: The Palace of Culture, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University etc).

ODIDS is free to be used for scientific research / presentations and for educational aims.

The images may not be used for commercial purposes or for publication without the permission of the authors.

If you use ODIDS, please cite the following:

A. Ignat, M. Luca, I. Păvăloi, C.L. Lazăr, DENOL: efficient descriptors selection for automatic image retrieval, SOFA 2020, 9th International Workshop on Soft Computing Applications 27-29 NOV-2020 Arad, Romania, http://odids.iit.academiaromana-is.ro. Agree - Show images data set